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 The Real Christine

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PostSubject: The Real Christine   Wed Jul 17, 2013 7:37 am

A red and white 1958 Plymouth goes on display like a carnival side show. Step right up folks and pay your money to see Christine. Buy a picture with a tire track or a rag with a Christine logo. Y'all really think this is Christine? Let me tell you who Christine really is. "Christine is dreams and feelings.
A young man of 16 with very little buys himself a 1958 Plymouth 2 Dr HT in 1964. She comes out of a junk yard and does not run. The car isn't red and white, she is black and red. Kid buys a wrecked 1957 Chrysler and pulls the 392 Hemi from the Chrysler and puts it in the 58 Plymouth with a borrowed Chain fall under a big maple tree using a big limb to hang the chain fall. A few hand tools and a lot of determination. All the while dreaming of driving her. His own car and his car comes to life. And she comes to life in more ways than one. She comes to life and never lets him down when he races other cars from his school. Big dollar cars but his car is the king of the road. She comes to life and gives him the feeling of being someone. This is long before Stephen King writes his book.
Isn't that what we are looking for when we buy or build our own "Christine" cars. Tell me you have never had a car you hated to let go because of how you felt about it. A lot of folks here are building their own cars and others are taking care of the one they have. The satisfaction you get is what it is all about.
"Christine" can reside in any car. You put her there and then she takes care of you. Isn't that what the movie was about? A car that comes to life because of the owners love of the car. You really think "Christine resides in a car that the owner thinks nothing but of themselves and what Money she can bring them. Cars like that have no life. "Christine" can reside in any of your cars if you have it in your heart.
Think about the 8 or 10 year old that sees you car and gets all wide eyed. Let them sit behind the wheel and dream. The feeling you can will be worth way more than a few bucks in your pocket. That is how "Christine" can come alive.
"Christine" is about feeling and emotions. That is how she comes alive. $$$$$ isn't going to do it. There is more than one movie car. Which one does she live in? "Christine" lives in the car of a owner who loves their car. Not who owns their car. JMHO

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PostSubject: Re: The Real Christine   Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:19 pm

Wow Jim, you just said everything i have been feeling since i was 12 years old and first bought by 58. You have found the words i have been searching for, for all these years. Thank you Jim i couldnt agree more Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: The Real Christine   Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:37 pm

Jim you are a man with a clear vision in this hobby which is what my issues have been with some. You hit it right on the head. Taking a dream for not only yourself but others and commercializing it for person financial gain or attaching it to a benefit to justify a persons real intensions is disgraceful. When you raise valid points the weak minded or persons who are too BS'ed to realize exactly what is going on. It really is a shame that the wrong can not righted it, to further allow the a real fans dream to come true.

This hobby needs less followers and more Fans to realize what this hobby is about.

The truth always hurts!!!!
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CCC Member


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PostSubject: Re: The Real Christine   Wed Jul 17, 2013 6:29 pm

Man I couldn't have said it better.
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CCC Member

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PostSubject: Re: The Real Christine   Wed Jul 17, 2013 9:30 pm

Amen Jim, i couldn't agree more
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PostSubject: Re: The Real Christine   

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The Real Christine

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