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 Giving thanks

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CCC Member
CCC Member

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PostSubject: Giving thanks   Sun Jul 21, 2013 6:03 am

Hi Everyone: I Just wanted to use this venue to thank God publicly for saving me, and my car from possible death and or destruction the other day. My steering failed exactly when I pulled to a stop at my destination, which was right where the car needed to be, my trusted local service shop. It is written "anyone who wants to boast must boast about what the Lord has done" Indeed he has done much through and to my 57. I looked for the car for years, and only did when I talked to him about it (which I should have done at the beginning) Almost the exact car I hoped for was dropped right in my lap thanks to another string of coincidences. I had a few other cars lined up, but the deals always fell through. Indeed! good things come to those wait! Even after that the things continued! If I needed a part, someone always had one last one hanging around. My mother's High School friend moved back to my hometown, and specialized in forward look mopars, we had become friends by then and he helped me resurrect her. When the time came for the engine swap I again had to wait but the perfect person came to me. He had done the same BB swap on his own 57 years ago. So yeah! Thank you God in the name of Jesus Christ your beloved son! And happy indeed are those who trust in you!
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PostSubject: Re: Giving thanks   Sun Jul 21, 2013 8:51 am

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CCC Member

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PostSubject: Re: Giving thanks   Sun Jul 21, 2013 9:35 pm

Wow.. Amen!
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CCC Chaplain




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PostSubject: Re: Giving thanks   Mon Jul 22, 2013 12:16 am

I am truly blessed with your testimony Bluebird. Thanks so much for sharing it with us and especially for giving our Lord all the glory. So many would have just said they were lucky...or said "it's a good thing I pulled in there when I did". I'm glad you have your faith...and the boldness to write this without worrying about being labeled or what others think. Wonderful things continue to happen when Jesus Christ gets glorified. cheers They did 2000 years ago and still do today. Keep us posted on the repair of your 57.


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PostSubject: Re: Giving thanks   

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Giving thanks

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