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 The Crossover Fanfic

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PostSubject: The Crossover Fanfic   Mon Mar 16, 2015 4:09 am

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Sorry, Christine hsn't appeared yet but she will be in a later chapter if not the next which is close to finished for Chapter 2...

Snip from fic; extra in snip for this Club:
Quote :
A black Trans Am save for it's amber scanner nearly camouflaged within the night, turning onto the tarmac of a supposedly abandoned airport suddenly without warning found itself immobilized although his wheels span and sensors indicated his tires were still on the ground, they also told him it was some sort of magnetism. Underground was some sort of old refinery with various explosive fuels and chemicals, noting that the magnetism had disabled access to most of his weapons save for his rockets.
A flat-nosed semi drove up close along with two other long-nosed semis.
"Hello, KARR" a dark voice said darkly.
"Goliath" KARR snarled, aware that the truck had had an artificial intelligence installed some time ago loosely based on his own processor yet there was something different about him now, "What do you want?"
"Oh. Nothing," Goliath said innocently before continuing much more darkly, "You see, it's not for me but the one to my right. We require your cooperation, as bait for KITT – the one you know well, which in turn will lure his 'son' Knight Industries Three Thousand here"
"And if I should refuse?" KARR said with a hint of annoyance.
Goliath chuckled amusedly, "You won't if you wish to live." As he said that KARR took notice of the black semi to Goliath's left, noting that indeed it genuinely was the FLAG Mobile Unit which often was KITT's mobile garage. "Should you use your only weapons currently at your exposure, we would no doubt survive the impending explosion whereas you on the other hand..." It; rather the FLAG truck had within a fraction of a second fired an EMP pulse at KARR effectively disabling his Molecular Bonded Shell, causing him to let out a growl.
Before KARR could let out a threat or retort, the darkened windows of the very recently lead-lined cab of the FLAG semi brightened revealed his driver and mechanic, who was alive although frightened evident on her facial expression.
"She will not be harmed so long as you cooperate, however should you try to stray off-course or alert them to our trap," Goliath paused as the black semi shocked the girl which in turn caused KARR to be shocked, though the strength wasn't great it was enough to cause his CPU to fluctuate. Great, KARR thought, they know of my Self-Preservation programming and have found a way to use it against me. That was only one problem about being linked together, neither could essentially live without the other.
He knew that once KITT found out, and due to his programming to protect human life would likely protest any mentions for KARR's deactivation. KARR smiled inwardly to himself, having rather unintentionally found a way to use KITT's own programming against him.
"THAT was just a warning," Goliath said smugly as all three semis then left the area to who-knows-where leaving KARR alone to his thoughts.
KARR sighed on getting an untraceable text from Goliath for the trap's destination and plans, he knew he needed to find KITT, and fast.

Meanwhile elsewhere KITT was headed to their mission's destination which was still quite a drive away, and Michael had unintentionally fallen asleep. He decided to let him rest.
Unknown to KITT, Micheal's dream took a turn for the worst.
Michael found himself in some sort of empty hangar or warehouse, with no obvious exits or even windows. A dim light flickered weakly barely illuminating the room. The room was completely empty save for a shape off in the left corner, that of a Trans Am.
"KITT?" Michael cautiously approached, knowing that KARR once was in appearance an exact twin of KITT. The red scanner came on, yet on getting no response on calling his friend's name a second time he realized something was wrong, very wrong. KITT's engine revved, then flipping on the bright headlights temporarily blinded him as the car sped towards him at an alarming pace. Michael barely got out of the way in time, "Snap out of it, Buddy! Your acting like... KARR, KITT!" Michael tried getting through to his best friend somehow, unfortunately the only response Michael got was that of an angrier engine rev and squealing tires as KITT ran towards him, Michael took a glance around him noting he would not be able to dodge this time. Just before the point of impact, Michael awoke.
Michael woke with a start, looking at the dash of his companion, "KITT?"
"Is there something wrong, Michael?" The car asked slightly concerned, already having detected his elevated heart-rate.
"Just a bad dream; a nightmare more like. You were there, but you weren't you," Michael answered
"What do you mean?" KITT asked, now intrigued.
"You were trying to kill me" Michael answered, surprising KITT
"But, you know that goes against my core programming" KITT explained, trying to process certain situations that might cause such a concern, "Are you sure it wasn't KARR?"
"I'm not so sure it wasn't you, remember Marco?"
"Ugh, don't remind me. But you know I didn't remember any of what happened save for apparently attacking you. What was I like then?" KITT asked curiously.
"For the most part, not much different from KARR. Hell, you even sounded like him which in itself was surprising"
KITT remained silent, then braked hard. "Michael, look to your left"

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The Crossover Fanfic

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